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Cracked Foundation Concrete Repairs

A home's foundation is the most critical component of the house's structure. With a cracked foundation repairing is a critical must, by saving not just the basement but the entire home. A cracked foundation is usually first noticed by wet carpet even the smell of mildew or mold. Cracks in the walls or ceiling, are fixed with a flexible hydro active polyurethane grout. Anything Concrete Inc. foundation repair contractors are certified with grout injection from De neef Chemicals Inc.

Anything Concrete Inc. helps all types of homeowners by providing reliable and efficient foundation repairs when they are facing a situation critical to the wellbeing and safety of their family and home.

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Repairing Foundation Cracks

Usually, foundation crack problems can be traced to building the foundation in the wrong place, in the wrong way, or due to the shifting ground. By building on expansive clay or soil that has not been properly compacted, the foundation of a home or building can settle.

The area of the soil around foundations must likewise be taken into consideration and properly maintained. Parameter drains must be flushed every 5 years. Water runoff from rain and floods can wash away the soil on which the foundation rests. Tree roots or other underground obstructions can also misalign concrete slabs.

Cracks and fissures which are caused by foundation distress must be addressed immediately. They are not just aesthetic problems but can pose serious safety concerns for you and your family. Water entering the home through a cracked foundation is never a good thing. This usually causes more problems rotting wood and insulation behind the walls. Mold and mildew growing in your home is a very big hazard to your family's health.

The consequences of not attending to home foundation repair at once can be both dangerous and costly. Remember, however, that foundation crack repair is not a DIY project for an amateur so you are better off calling Anything Concrete Inc. We will fix it right the first time.