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Concrete Restoration Services

Restoring anything to its original condition requires an artist's touch and that's what makes concrete restoration a work of art and not just an ordinary construction job. On top of that, much of concrete restoration has to be conducted on old buildings with a lot of history in them. Stone foundation restoration is one of these instances so care has to be taken to preserve as much of the original look and flavour while repairing the damage to the structure.

Whether the concrete you need restored is on a historical building, a business establishment, or in your home, Anything Concrete has the team and industry experience to make the project run smoothly.

  • Concrete Repair Service Areas:
  • Greater Vancouver
  • Surrey
  • Richmond
  • Langley
  • Coquitlam
  • Port Moody
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Burnaby
  • New Westminster
  • Delta
  • White Rock
  • Tsawwassen

Making Old Concrete New Again

Restoring damaged concrete used to mean just tearing it up and replacing it with a new driveway, flooring or wall. However, with new materials and techniques the existing concrete structures that are damaged can be repaired and restored, while retaining most of the original structure. Even an old wall or walkway has history built into it. With good concrete restoration methods, you can keep all the memories while repairing any damage the structure has suffered.

In concrete restoration, a good cleaning job is your first task. The structure to be restored has to be properly cleaned to determine the nature and extent of the damage, and to decide whether it is worth restoring the structure or replacing it altogether. The extent of concrete restoration will extend to structural repair, patching up cracks or re-surfacing. With the advent of decorative concrete flooring, design and graphic art restoration will come into play in the future.