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Top Coat Repairs

Concrete regularly loses its shine on driveways, walkways, and patios. Our ability to tint and polish enhances this weathered concrete to a state that surpasses its appearance even when it was brand new!

Resurfacing Concrete Top Coat

What you need for an attractive concrete surface is a good primer, a good base coat and a good top coat. After a while, any concrete surface will experience discoloured concrete or stained concrete patches. This may be caused by changes in the weather, structural stress or simple wear and tear, especially in the case of concrete floors.

A primer coat on a discoloured concrete garage floor, for instance, ensures that there's a good bond between the underlying concrete and the top layer. The primer is applied with a roller and allowed to dry. That done, an epoxy or urethane base coat is applied and colour flakes can be scattered while this layer is still wet. Then, you apply a finishing coat to seal the entire surface. You can use a simple epoxy coating or a more complicated two-part aliphatic polyurethane coating.

Discoloured and Stained Concrete

The latter, also called "aspartics" for short, are resistant to UV rays and protect the surface from fading or turning yellow. This product, touted as some sort of wonder coating, can be applied on any kind of surface, can bridge small cracks in the concrete surface, cures to full strength within 30 minutes and, when cured, withstands high temperatures. It resists staining excellently making it ideal as a top coat for decorative concrete floors.

Discoloured concrete or stained concrete surfaces don't have to remain an eyesore for long. As long as the concrete surface is properly prepared and moisture conditions are within standards, aspartics can give you an attractive, durable top coat in no time.