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A top coat is your last resort in transforming ugly concrete into a refinished surface. Whether the concrete was painted and is now pealing, or if it has become stained and discolored, we will remedy the situation for you with a top coat that out lasts the weather.

Exposed aggregate needs to be sealed every 3-4 years in order to maintain its protective coating. This acts as a shield against the elements, which creep into the cracks and wash away the sand that holds your rocks in place. Through custom tinting I am able to add a warm texture to driveways to help showcase your home and providing it with added curb appeal

Stamped Concrete requires the most upkeep of all types of concrete. Special care is needed to persevere its look. If it is let go, then the gel coating on the top surface degrades and it will lose its luster. Sealing it every 2-3 years is mandatory to keep it in peak condition. Our recoloring process allows us to return Stamped Concrete to its original finish.

Crack repair and controlled joint work is essential to protecting the structure of concrete. These methods enable it to be completely sealed, while preventing water from getting under the concrete. If water is able to undermine your driveway it will cause the driveway to sink and/or heave.

We have a 2 part polymer material that will repair your industrial floor cracks and have your equipment up and running in just 1 to 4 hours depending on the temperature. These products are food safe and can be applied in refrigerated warehouses to -35 Celsius.

We use an innovative Urethane Grout Injection System to repair a wide range of damaged commercial and residential concrete ranging from parkade leaks to foundation cracks, and much more. The product remains flexible and resists any pressure from expansion and contraction of concrete surfaces. There is no external excavation needed, Save Dollars!!!

Antiquing stamp concrete is a great way to turn your old beat up stamp concrete into its former glory . This method is a Solid-Color Stain and a contrasting color to create an antiqued look on textured concrete surfaces.

Every kind of resin for commercial floors works well for certain types of environments and under specific conditions.We are experts in picking the proper coating for your needs, and to stay within certain parameters.