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Residential Concrete Repair

At Anything Concrete we offer complete restoration and concrete care services for our clients. We have many options available for re-coating and refinishing existing concrete, as well as a variety of options for damaged and cracked areas. Re-tinting concrete can provide a dramatic difference in the curb appeal of your home as well, setting the stage for any visitors or passers by.

If you are even slightly unhappy, or just curious about what our options can provide, contact us and we will show you the possibilities.

Minimizing the Interference of Residential Concrete Repairs

Residential concrete repair requires speed and affordability because it involves a structure being used around the clock by people with limited resources. However, residential concrete repair affects a wide range of homes from single units in downtown communities to homes in gated subdivisions. Each type is constructed differently and repair work differs accordingly.

Regardless of the type of home, there are certain commonalities in residential concrete repair. Unlike industrial or commercial structures, cracks in walls, floors, driveways and walkways of residential units will usually be caused by the earth around the structures settling or good old Mother Nature. Here in the west coast we have lots of different weather patterns over a year causing the concrete to expand and contract even heave through a bad winter. Whether it's to remove a trip hazards, fixing concrete floors, repairing damaged foundations or taking care of cracks in your driveway. We at Anything Concrete Inc. will be happy to meet your needs.