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Commercial Concrete Repair

We have a 2 part polymers material that will repair your industrial floor cracks and have your equipment up and running over the crack in just one to four hours depending on the temperature (Longer set time in colder temperatures).

These products are food safe and can be applied in refrigerated warehouses to -35 Celsius. Our repairs leave your floors absolutely even. Cracks, holes or spalls tend to blend in satisfactorily after a period of traffic usage.

Specialized Concrete in Commercial Projects

We realize that speed and quality are of the highest importance with our commercial clients. We aim to minimize the impact that concrete repairs have on the functioning of your business. At Anything Concrete Inc. our flexible team of concrete professionals is sure to exceed your expectations and provide a speedy solution.

Commercial concrete structures must meet very strict standards, something that Anything Concrete Inc. Achieves with each job we undertake. The types of commercial concrete repairs that we cover range from repairing big Box Warehouses to multi structure underground parking lots.

Roofs, ceilings and walls of commercial buildings are challenging enough, but it is the floors that are most demanding due to heavy traffic from pallet jacks and 10,000lbs forklifts. To appreciate the difficulty of commercial concrete repair work on floors, it will help to know how they are set up in the first place. The concrete slabs must meet stringent requirements for flatness, load bearing capacity, surface hardness, texture and even colour. The moment the concrete falls below standards, it is considered damaged and commercial concrete repair work means bringing the concrete up to standards once again.